Building capacity by empowering individuals and teams

Welcome to Solution Focused Management Inc.

Our mission is to empower individuals and teams to build individual and organizational capacity and foster the development of better functioning communities.

If you have experienced a situation where you have used internal resources to drive organizational change, only to encounter the same issues and barriers, SFM Inc. has a service to help you. Having an objective external party enter your environment and assist with your organizational development can benefit your organization in driving its goals because we are not tied to the way things are, or the way things have been done previously. 

Our services are built on three interconnected pillars: workshops, coaching, and organizational research. We believe strongly the impact of our work is maximized when these three pillars are tied together.

Our Services


With over 30 years of application, Solution Focused Management Inc.’s workshops foster team and individual development. Our offerings include Pathways to Effective Communication, Meeting Leadership Skills, Coaching and Mentoring, and Team Development.


Achieve your professional goals and develop contentment in your personal life. We offer professional and personal coaching services to maximize our clients personal and professional potential.


Obtain insight into your organizational dynamics to improve performance. SFM Inc. can use a variety of research methods to improve organizational processes. Our 360 Degree Assessments assist coaching clients with assist with their growth and development.