Why Solution Focused Management?

Mission & Philosophy

Solution Focused Management Inc. empowers individuals and teams to build individual and organizational capacity and foster the development of better functioning communities. 

We accomplish our mission by using evidence-based processes. SFM Inc. is built on our Directors’ values, which we believe support our clients in reaching their fullest potential for growth and development. 

As a provider of high quality training, coaching, and organizational research, our services are designed to make positive and lasting impacts on individuals, teams, and organizations.  We work with a diverse array of sectors and with individuals at a variety of levels including front-line personnel, supervisors, managers, directors, and CEOs. 

We recognize our clients are the experts in what is best for them and knowing how their company functions.  We work with you to determine what your needs are, and how best we can meet those needs. 

What Makes Us Different?

If you have experienced a situation where you have used internal resources to drive organizational change, only to encounter the same issues and barriers, SFM Inc. has a service to help you. 

Having an external party enter your environment and assist with organizational development can be a huge benefit in driving your organization’s goals. As consultants, we bring expertise in a variety of different areas in an advisory capacity. The benefits of having a consultant external to your organization or personal life is that we are not tied to the way things are, or the way things have been done previously. We are able to look objectively at a system and work with the defined parameters of a contract to effect change within that system.

Our approach is to enter into discussions with our clients about their vision for our involvement and impact. 

We strongly believe our clients experience greater impact and benefit when coaching is tied to our workshops and organizational research. Research in the adult education field shows that in the learning pyramid, two of the most effective training techniques include group discussion and practice. SFM Inc.’s workshops integrate lecture and visual information with demonstrations, group discussion, and practice. Continuing with coaching increases retention and day-to-day use of skills developed in our workshops. Our organizational research, including our 360 degree assessments, can help uncover interpersonal and organizational dynamics operating behind the scenes to create barriers or drive change.