What is Coaching?

Coaching involves partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. 

The idea of enlisting the services of a personal or professional coach may seem odd to you, but many people who maintain a high level of performance, such as athletes and entrepreneurs, have something in common. They all use the services of a coach or mentor, a person who is “in their corner,” asking them thought provoking questions, and challenging them to better themselves. 

Coaching assumes the client has skills and resiliencies that have brought them to this point in their life. With this in mind, the coach asks questions focused on helping you meet your identified needs. 

Coaching is not counselling. While some issues in a coaching relationship may seem like therapy, there are different assumptions made in a coaching relationship compared to a counselling relationship. Coaching focuses on the client’s existing skills and is future-oriented whereas counselling tends to focus on deficits and the past.

We abide by the International Coaching Federation’s code of ethics and practice which guides us on whether to continue or end a coaching relationship. While there are no set recommended number of sessions, our philosophy regarding coaching is to give people the best experience possible. 

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching can be used to address any number of issues. While our primary focus is on assisting individuals identify and establish contentment in their lives, this can involve many areas such as relationship problems; job concerns; career planning; problem solving recurring or ongoing issues in your life.

In your personal coaching journey, you can expect to be asked questions that may be tough to face. In order to make your journey the most effective it can be, we ask you to be open to answering these questions. We will work to ensure safety in the space we share for your coaching journey. Our sincerest hope is that through this safety and the relationship between you and your coach, you will find the calmness and clarity to process your thoughts, experiences, and meet the outcomes you set out at the beginning of each session.  

Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is focused on your professional journey and goals. In a coaching session focused on professional issues, your coach asks questions to stimulate your thoughts to what you want your professional life to be. 

Professional coaching focuses on your professional goals, passions, and path, and identifying strategies to achieve them. There are many professional applications for coaching, such as conflict resolution, leadership skills development, and career planning.

In addition to individual professional coaching, SFM Inc. also offers team coaching services.  With growing pressure to stay competitive, team coaching focuses on working with individual team members in group sessions that focus on developing team cohesion and functioning. 

Professional coaching can involve a 360 Degree Assessment which gathers information from a number of sources around you and allows a rounded look at potential goal areas. 

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